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Love Mama's Banh Mi?  Why not own your own?

We are offering passionate entrepreneurs the opportunity to open one or more Mama's Banh Mi using Mama's valuable intellectual property including our brand, proprietary recipes, and unique processes.

Our franchise model recommends, but does not dictate, the way you run your business except as it relates maximizing your workflow and protecting the Mama's brand, recipes and quality of our menu. We also believe your financial information is between you and your financial professional, so we charge no fees based on a percentage of your revenue. This creates a friendly relationship behind us, the licensor, and you, the licensee.

To ensure your success, all prospective entrepreneurs should be free of any other active business ventures and be able to operate the restaurant hands-on on a full-time basis.  In addition, the individual must complete an extensive training program to operate a licensed Mama's Banh Mi restaurant.  

For more information, send us an inquiry at or (404) 405-9983

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